The Synmar Coolant Organic -36 LL is a long-life OAT (Organic Acid
Technology) silicate-free coolant. This very high quality coolant has
been specially developed for protection of non-ferrous metals such as
aluminium and magnesium.

The Synmar Coolant Organic -36 LL contains no nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates, silicates and no other mineral additives and is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines. This premium coolant is your choice for where amongst other VW TL-774 F(G12+) VW TL-774 D (G12 ) or Renault Type D specifications are

The Synmar Coolant Organic -36 LL should NOT be further diluted with
water. his pre-diluted cooling fluid contains additives, protecting against
corrosion and foam-building. It is completely safe for rubbers, plastics,
metals, aluminium and alloys and provides a permanent, guaranteed
protection against freezing up to -36°C.
The Synmar Coolant Organic -36 LL is an extended life antifreeze which should be replaced every five years or every 250,000 km for passenger vehicles or every 1,000,000 km for trucks and commercial vehicles. Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs) recommendations should be followed when replacing coolant.

Performance level
VW TL-774 F (G12+)
VW TL-774 D (G12)
BS 6580
ASTM D4985
ASTM D4656
ASTM D3306
Renault Type D
NATO S-759

Color Red
Density at 20 °C kg/l 1,068 g/cm3
Freezing point -36 °C
Flash point 172 °C

Colour: Red

Segment: Passenger Car

Segment: Truck

Segment: Agriculture

Segment: Industry

Segment: Motorcycle

Segment: Marine

Safety information: On request